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Kiwi Transport

  • Provides local, regional, medium and long haul truckload transportation services to the Western and Southern United States.

  • Provides and manages dedicated fleet services designed specifically to customers’ needs.

  • Provides freight management and supply chain solutions with a full range of services. Including on site management, supply chain analysis and partner networking.

  • Uses a network of asset based equipment and contracted carrier partners to deliver customized transportation services.

  • Provides full service solutions and alternative modes of service, including vans, flatbeds and specialized transportation services.

  • Organizes, contracts, and tracks the flow of all loads to monitor on time delivery.

Kiwi Transport can plan and coordinate a transportation solution customized to give our customers maximum flexibility, manage costs and monitor performance.





Kiwi Transport has adopted an equipment upgrade and replacement program to maintain complete compliance with California Air Resources Boards emission mandates and Smartway Trailer Requirements.

Kiwi Transport Provides A Complete Portfolio Of Transportation Services

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