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Kiwi Transport was founded in 1996 as a dedicated contract carrier serving the Central California Region. The name “Kiwi " originated from one of the founders who migrated to the USA from New Zealand. The Kiwi bird is the national bird of New Zealand and the name “Kiwi " is synonymous with New Zealanders and their proud hardworking heritage. Hence the name “Kiwi Transport ".

From its inception, the Kiwi Transport goals have been to serve its customers across the Western and Southern United States with premium truckload delivery service. This mission is made possible by the commitment, focus and dedication of all the valued Kiwi associates. Our drivers are safe, experienced and clearly understand the importance of our customers demanding deadlines and  timely delivery schedules.

In 1996 Kiwi Transport provided dedicated local and regional curtain van and flatbed services to the hardwood and lumber industry with routes covering the Central California Region.

In 1999 due to customer demand, Kiwi Transport added 53 foot dry van trailers to its fleet and expanded its service routes to provide service to the Pacific Northwest Regions in Oregon and Washington.

In 2002 Kiwi expanded and diversified its services to include local and regional delivery service, and medium to long haul dry van services. Kiwi continued to develop a complete portfolio of truckload transportation services, including transportation services, dedicated fleet services, freight management/ supply chain solutions, warehousing and freight brokerage.

In 2007 Kiwi Transport expanded dry van service to the southern region of the United States, to include New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas. 

In 2008, as a carrier who provides transportation service in California, Kiwi Transport adopted a fleet replacement strategy to ensure compliance with California Air Resources Board and EPA Smartway mandates. This will ensure that Kiwi Transport is positioned as a stable logistics solutions provider for customers and a motivational and successful work environment for Kiwi associates. 

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